About us

The Environmental Equity Laboratory (LAEQ) was founded with a grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) by Philippe Apparicio and Anne-Marie Séguin, who are both professors at the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre at INRS. Thi Thanh Hien Pham (professor at the Department of Urban Studies and Tourism at UQAM) and Mathieu Carrier (post-doctoral fellow at the University of Leeds), who had been collaborating for several years with Philippe Apparicio and Anne-Marie Séguin, joined the research team soon after its founding.

The work of the laboratory is part of a research trend on environmental justice that focuses on situations of overexposure to pollution (air pollution, noise) or reduced accessibility to positive elements of the urban environment (vegetation, parks, urban resources) by specific groups of the population (defined, for example, by income, age or ethnicity).

LAEQ’s infrastructure can accommodate 14 graduate and post-graduate students wishing to work on diverse themes―including vegetation and urban parks, air pollution and noise―and who would benefit significantly from access to the laboratory’s state-of-the-art instruments and high-performing computers.