spnetworkSpNetwork (author: Jérémy Gelb)
This R package allows to perform Network Kernel Density Estimate, and to build spatial matrices (listw objects like in spdep package) to conduct any kind of traditional spatial analysis with spatial weights based on reticular distances. K functions and cross K functions on network are also available but still experimental. The package is currently on CRAN and can be installed with the following command: install.packages(“spNetwork”).
geocmeansGeocmeans (author: Jérémy Gelb)
This R package provides functions to apply Spatially Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm and to visualize and interpret results. This method is particularly relevant when the user wants to analyze data with a fuzzy clustering algorithm and take into account the spatial dimension of the dataset. Tests for estimating the spatial consistency gain and explained semantic inertia loss are proposed in addition. This package is not (currently) available on CRAN. It can be installed with the following commands: install.packages(“geocmeans”).
VifecoVifeco: video features counter (author: David Maignan)
Vifeco is a stand-alone, multiplatform (Windows, Mac and Linux) application that makes it possible to manually identify features on a video. It allows you to create users, categories (feature) and organize them in collections. While reading a video, you can identify and manually features by positioning your mouse above it and pressing a predefined shortcut.
goesegregationanalyzerPNGGeo-Segregation Analyzer: Geo-Segregation Analyzer: an open-source software for calculating residential segregation indices (authors : Valera Petkevitch et Philippe Apparicio)
(Download the application)
Geo-Segregation Analyzer is an open-source software licensed under GNU LGPL. Developed with the GeoTools library, the software can 1) read ESRI shapefiles (geospatial vector data format); 2) visualize them in one or several views; 3) and calculate forty residential segregation indices.
svg_converterShapefile-to-Scalable Vector Graphics files converter (authors: Valera Petkevitch et Philippe Apparicio)
(Download the application
(Download the working paper describing the application)
This application C# permits to convert shapefiles (ESRI) into SVG format, with or without a generalization of the geographic information. The generalization algorithms embedded in this application, as well as the algorithm by Douglas and Peuker and the algorithm with a vertex reduction were modified in order to comply with a polygons topology. The use of this application is limited to research purposes.