goesegregationanalyzerPNGGeo-Segregation Analyzer: Geo-Segregation Analyzer: an open-source software for calculating residential segregation indices
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Geo-Segregation Analyzer is an open-source software licensed under GNU LGPL. Developed with the GeoTools library, the software can 1) read ESRI shapefiles (geospatial vector data format); 2) visualize them in one or several views; 3) and calculate forty residential segregation indices.
svg_converterShapefile-to-Scalable Vector Graphics files converter
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This application C# permits to convert shapefiles (ESRI) into SVG format, with or without a generalization of the geographic information. The generalization algorithms embedded in this application, as well as the algorithm by Douglas and Peuker and the algorithm with a vertex reduction were modified in order to comply with a polygons topology. The use of this application is limited to research purposes.